about me

IT Systems Architect

As Systems Architect, I design and develop IT infrastructures tailored to your needs and help you build and maintain them.

my experience

I have 12 years of experience working in IT under my belt, including three years building and maintaining an HPC environment at TU Berlin and three years for various service providers with a wide range of customers.

my story

I have always been interested in computer science and taught myself some programming skills in early youth. Since then, I have kept up with developments in IT and honed in on IT system architecture and infrastructure planning as my passion. Here I cover everything from application servers to private/public cloud deployments and migrations.

my hobbies
  • I am constantly working on my bicycle(s)
  • I fence and do medieval performance fighting
  • I regularly tinker with electronics, especially wrt smart home and IoT
  • Sometimes, I play the guitar 🙂
my skills

I think of myself as a generalist – but push comes to shove, these are my core skills

Python, PHP, SQL, C/C++, MIPS-ASM, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, bash, …

Linux Containers (LXC/LXD)
Problem Solver
Other perks
  • I’m an autodidact and quick at picking up new knowledge. I don’t know something – I look it up and learn.
  • I’m a (F)OSS enthusiast
  • Data protection and security come naturally to me
  • I don’t carve my opinion in stone. I work solution-oriented and am not afraid to change my approach if need be

Things I’m good at

The following are topics that have been the main focus throughout my professional career.


Infrastructure Planning

Whether you require an architecture for on-premises infrastructure or for a cloud deployment or a migration from one to the other – I’m your guy. I will work diligently to develop an infrastructure that suits your needs and adheres to best practices laid out for the chosen environment. The same goes for migration paths.


Open Source & Self-Hosting

I’m a big fan of (F)OSS solutions and self-hosting. Keeping the number of service providers low may slightly increase workload for maintenance, but also reduces complexity and the number of companies across which your valuable data is distributed. Due to the natural auditability of (F)OSS solutions, security issues are also often-times handled swiftly and transparently. Also, maintenance can often be automated.


Coding & Automation

The more complex and diverse your infrastructure becomes, the higher the need for proper automation. What once was the daily task of whole departments can now be handled by intelligently designed scripts and automation tools like Ansible. If something is not natively covered by Ansible, I’m able to write extensions and find a way to integrate it nonetheless.


Monitoring & Reporting

Operations is the one department that will work until a company is no more – all the more reason to make life easier for the people working in such an important department! Providing Ops engineers with proper monitoring and reporting tools is something I have come to appreciate while working for IT service providers: having clean and concise monitoring defined for your infrastructure does not only give you great visibility of your infrastructure performance and potential problems, it can also serve as a basis to develop the next iteration of it.


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